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Free getting started course

Create your road map

Build for early profitability


What is Next Step Startup

Is an online educator focused solely to help startups businesses. 
We have free getting started courses through to medium and advanced to help you at any stage.
Feasibility planning and reviews

Learn how to create a feasibility for your company including all aspects like startup costs, competition, SWOT analysis and more

Create your business roadmap

Take your business from concept to reality

Getting you going

Creating a step by step process to get you moving with your business. Sometimes it's just making the first step!

Get you focused

Create a time line to work to, set goals and then work towards them to take your business into profitability

Whats in the courses

Next Step Startup offers a number of services to help you get your business started

Free Getting started guide

A free course to help you with the initial process of getting moving with your idea or concept. 


Build your business plan

Your business plan is something that you should refer to every day to keep focus. You can change your plan but you need it on paper to help keep you on the right path.


Get started with your Minimal Viable Product

An MVP is critical for anyone or company to test their product before they spend too much time and money.


Exit plan

As the old saying goes, “Start the way you want to finish”.  Plan your business including if your exit plan if this is your goal.

Blogs from experience

Check out our posts which can help you on your journey.

Next Step Startup is more than just building a business

The focus of many startup founders is to create a business to replace the income from their existing jobs. This is their version of freedom however it has to be more than that.  

You have to have a plan build a business which is self-sufficient. To this your business needs to move past just a product or service, but to have plans in place to grow and scale.

No excuse not to backup
Is your digital life, files, photos, your life worth $10 USD? If not stop reading. If so… how hard is it to use Google Drive, Drop Box or iCloud. It’s not rocket science.. BACK…
Find your passion
I do not believe in the adage “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is not true. I agree with Tim Cook who says…

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