Being a leader in a startup

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Being a leader in a startup is not easy. There is a lot to deal with. You are trying to create something that has a point of difference. Most of all you are trying to make money.

Building a team is crucial to your success and at the end of the day that team is your greatest asset.

Here are some basic tips I have that helped me become a leader.

Say “Good morning” and “Thanks for today”. Time is the only real tangible thing we have in our lives and your staff have given their time to you for the day in return for some money. The time is more important than the money.

Ask at least weekly “How are you?”. Don’t be flippant about this, know and care. Know them, their family, their kids. Know their interests. Understand their needs culturally. Take an interest in them. If they are struggling, try to put systems in place to help them.

Value your staff. Find the things that your staff are good at, and what they are not. Work to their strengths and then help them improve on their weaknesses.

Lead by serving. Your staff are not subordinates that you can tell what to do. As a leader you are there to serve them. Facilitate them, help them perform their work. If you think leading is ordering people around then you are not a leader.

If we do not lead by serving then you are not in touch with your team or for that matter you business.

Building a team is about building a family. A group that cares about each other, takes interest in each other and build something for you all.

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Being a leader in a startup
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